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  Kalpana Chemicals :
  Represented by Mr. Chandrakant Shah and
  Mr. Chirag C. Shah Since 1980-81

  Kaycee Chem Industries :
  Represented by Mr. Chandrakant Shah and
  Mr. Chirag C. Shah Since 1994-95

  Mahavir Enterprises :  
  Represented by Kalpana C. Shah and
  Mr. Harshit C. Shah since 1994-95

Sector Profile:

   Chemical Industry has become the fastest growing industry in our country and today occupies a very important position in the national economy. It ranks fourth after Iron & Steel, Engineering & Textiles.

   There is going to be a further tremendous growth of chemical industry in the coming two decades. The basic inorganic and organic chemicals produced in the industry provide the basic building blocks for several downstream industries such as Drugs, Dyestuffs, Synthetic Rubber, Plastics, Pesticides, Polyesters, Paints, Petrochemicals, detergents, Fertilizers etc. With the growth of petrochemical industry and the growing demand for modern chemicals, drugs and pharmaceuticals, the industry's future indeed looks very bright. Today, India manufactures a wide range of Petrochemicals, organic and inorganic chemicals in large quantities. The products manufactured include Methanol, Benzene, Propylene, Ethylene, Butadiene which are the building blocks for industrial development.

  Quality Policy

Good quality is the basic business principle of kalpana chemicals.        Our policy is to deliver customers products and services which fully satisfy their requirements.

The achievements of this demands, that we strive for continuous improvement in all areas of our business; not just product related areas, but in all support functions as well. We believe in quality not only at finished product stage, but at every stage of operation. The achievement of quality is the prime responsibility of our every employee.

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